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History of Antoine Chevalier


Today, Antoine Chevalier offers only one cuvée, but this will be an unforgettable experience for any champagne connoisseur.
  • Champagne region
    Grand Est,
  • Cultivated grape varieties
  • Viticulture
    Certified with HVE and VDC since 2016 and AB since 2020

Antoine Chevalier
In 1800, at the "peak" of its development, Vitry had 4,000 hectares of vines out of 15,000 planted on the Marne. Upcoming events such as phylloxera, World War I, the importation of foreign wines, the crisis of 1929, and World War II inevitably affected the abandonment and disappearance of vines for almost half a century. And yet we are talking about wine industry, once known for its still white wines, was widely appreciated, in particular by our King of France, François Eure.

It was not until the 1970s that this vineyard was revived and made its way into AOC Champagne.

Today, this sector enjoys an excellent reputation for its Chardonnays, which are often used by negociants to prepare their blends. Antoine Chevalier chose a different path, creating interesting wines, designating the terroir.
Antoine is passionate, he combines a certain perfectionism and sincere kindness, he presents his young possession with great pleasure. Here you can easily explore cutting-edge topics such as soil geology, biodynamics, and terroir understanding.
Furthermore, you can tackle all of these themes on a board of a pretty Volkswagen Bay Windows van, completely refurbished to explore the village's vineyards.
"Every year I re-interpret the result of my harvest. I choose the most perspective plots. Those that patiently deliver real wine full of freshness in a few years. Season after season, my aim is always the same."

Antoine Chevalier

The natural rhythm of the seasons, the fertility of the soil, the care of fauna and flora, the respect for the laws of life, the creation and maintenance of a harmonious landscape... These are some of the basic principles applied at the estate.

Vineyard management that encourages Antoine to take care of the vine in a comprehensive and sensible way: observance of the lunar calendar, biodynamic preparation, decoction of plants and herbal teas, tillage... Each of his practices is tested, grounded and adapted to the terroir.